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pedal commander
pedal commander

What Does Pedal Commander DO?

Nowadays everybody is talking about Pedal Commander, but do you know how it functions? Here is a brief explanation about how Pedal Commander works...

Why was Pedal Commander created?

Pedal Commander allows you to have more control over your vehicle by customizing the responsiveness of your gas pedal. Manufacturers want their cars to appeal to the masses to generate a higher number of sales, which makes them less concerned about the people that want a certain ability or feature. It's because of this “one-size-fits-all” mentality that truly makes the Pedal Commander shine. If you buy a bed, do you just sleep on a bare mattress? No. You buy the most comfortable sheets, maybe with a color or pattern that you like, and pillows to make sure you truly enjoy a good night of sleep. Don't settle for what a dealer gives you, make it your own!

Why would I want a Pedal Commander?

Some higher end vehicles like BMW and Porsche have started to come out with different driving programs for their vehicles. Things like “sport” mode and “competitive” mode that make adjustments to the vehicle’s responsiveness and sometimes even the suspension to give you a different driving experience. But can everyone afford luxury cars? Or even if you can, is it really worth the extra couple thousand of dollars for the upgrade on top of the sticker price? Pedal Commander allows you to have the responsiveness of these additional features, at a fraction of the cost!

Why don't vehicles come from the factory with a device like Pedal Commander?

As we’ve mentioned before, dealers still need to make these cars appealing to the masses. This means their “performance upgrades” don’t always amount up to our expectations. In many cases, brand new cars are being limited by these manufacturers by topping out the throttle position to 80%. So even with your foot all the way to the floor, you’re not able to access 100% of the ability you thought you were purchasing. Pedal Commander removes these limits. Not only will you be able to access 100% of your power, you’ll be able to customize when how fast you want to get it.

What are the differences between each mode?

Pedal Commander fits a wide range of households. If you are environmentally conscious and want to save fuel, ECO mode is for you. If you want your car to feel more responsive (like a sports car) for that spirited drive to work, Sport mode is for you. Want to make sure your new teenager doesn’t get into trouble with their new driver’s license? A customized City mode is for you. Our goal is to give you the ability to make your car work for YOU and the way YOU want it, not make you adapt to the one version of the car a dealer sold you.

As an advantage over our competitors, Pedal Commander comes with four different modes and each mode has eight sensitivity levels. This means there are 32 different customization options for you to pick from ONE DEVICE. We have a true Eco mode that has been proven to save you up to 20% in fuel costs. While this has proven to be mostly popular with trucks and other vehicles for towing, it is just as effective on smaller engines and even hybrids. As a bonus, it doubles as a valet mode if you don’t quite trust the kid you’re handing your keys to while you’re out for a fancy dinner. City mode is best explained as a a linear 1:1 throttle ratio, much like older vehicles with the instant response of a throttle cable system. Sport and Sport+ modes are for those of us that can appreciate a spirited drive, whether it’s a quick drive to work or even a weekend visit to the track. While the unit is always within the safety parameters designed for the limits of your vehicle’s engine, the aggressiveness of these modes are not for the feint of heart.