Report a Violation

It is very important for us to ensure the quality of our dealers and those selling the Pedal Commander product. It is required for all dealers to register with our Reseller Agreement, MAP Policy, and Ebay Listing guidelines in order to be an Authorized Dealer of Pedal Commander. You can find the PDFs for these policies below. Any products sold through dealers that did not register with us will be added to our DO-NOT-SELL List, and they will be liable for any warranty or product issue claims. If you find anyone violating our terms, please fill out the form below providing the violator's business name, the violation type, the violation's web URL link, and any screenshots showing the violation. If at anytime you have questions or need assistance in any way, please do not hesitate to reach out to our email at


MAP Policy

Pedal Commander has set a very strict MAP Policy. This is to ensure that all of our dealers have the same opportunities to sell our product and maintain the integrity of our pricing structure.

View the MAP Policy here.

Reseller Agreement

All resellers of Pedal Commander are required to follow the Reseller Agreement. Currently any and all dealers are NOT allowed to sell in the and Marketplaces. Any dealer found selling on or will be reported and removed from the Amazon Marketplace.

View the Reseller Agreement here.

Ebay Listing Guidelines

EBAY Listing Guidelines for Pedal Commander
No discount offer on title or on description. (do not combine with other products)

MAP Price $299.99 (No Best Offer Option)

Only Add to Cart Discount 10% maximum during normal season. For holiday season discounts please contact us.