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Everything About Pedal Commander Install

Pedal Commander is a state-of-the-art device that enhances your car's acceleration and performance by reducing the throttle response time.

It offers the most practical and affordable installation process. Unlike other aftermarket parts or chip tunings, learning Pedal Commander install is as quick as a wink that takes only 15 minutes.

Let’s Look at How to Install a Pedal Commander


1 -) Turn off Ignition.

2 -) Keep your key fob (if applicable) at least 35 ft. (10m) away from your vehicle. This prevents your car from using power to transmit signals to your proximity key fob sensor.

3 -) Leave your driver’s door open for 15 minutes to allow your ECU to shut down completely.

4 -) Locate and disconnect your accelerator pedal assembly plug.

5 -) Plug in your Pedal Commander in line with your accelerator pedal assembly plug until you hear a “click.”

6 -) Make sure the cables are tucked in place so they do not interfere with your driving experience.

7 -) Place and mount the Pedal Commander to your desired location using the velcro and mounting bracket that's included in the box.


To avoid receiving check engine lights or other issues, it is important that you follow these instructions properly. Also, please ensure that you hear a “click” sound while connecting the plugs, as this signifies a secure connection.

Begin A Journey of Discovering Pedal Commander Install Instructions

As you know, there are a lot ofaftermarket parts, chip tunings, and performance parts in unfair price rangesbecause of the ambitious and greedy competition of auto companies. Eventhough you spend a lot of money on them,installing them requires professional help and a certain period of time.For this reason, you may suppose that the installation of all auto upgrades has a challenging, time-consuming, and expensive process.

However, you will be surprised when you learnhow to install a Pedal Commander. BecausePedal Commander installpromises you a marvel of technology beyond your dreams. When you begin a journey of discoveringhow to install a Pedal Commander,wasting your time and money for other upgrade parts will be completely history.

Thanks to useful instructions abouthow to install a Pedal Commander,you can completePedal Commander install in just 15 minutes.

Instructions about How to Install a Pedal Commander

Wait 10-15 minutes with your driver's door open to allow your ECU to shut down

Locate your accelerator pedal assembly plug connection

Remove the plug from your gas pedal

Plug male and female connectors into their coordinating plugs on the gas pedal. Make sure that both plugs "click" into place.

Locate your accelerator pedal assembly plug connection

Remove the plug from your gas pedal

Plug male and female connectors into their coordinating plugs on the gas pedal. Make sure that both plugs "click" into place.

Use the included alcohol wipe to clean the area where you would like the mount the bracket.

Apply the supplied velcro to the bracket and cleaned area

Place the Pedal Commander into the bracket, and you're done!

Learn More About How to Install a Pedal Commander

If you've been reading this far, you would have enough information on how to install a Pedal Commander. As additional info, you need to know how to install a Pedal Commander on a keyless entry and install pedal commander with key fob. So, if your vehicle has keyless entry, keep the key fob at least 35 ft. (10m) away from the vehicle (the signal can give power for your system).

Pedal Commander Installation takes place between your accelerator pedal and the ECU. It has impressive power, nimble handling, and agile ride, no matter which vehicle or engine you got. After figuring out how to install the Pedal Commander by reading our blogs or watching our videos, you can experience smoother and faster driving pleasure. 

In addition to information about how to install a Pedal Commander on a keyless entry and how to install a Pedal Commander with key fob, you must know that Pedal Commander has four adjustable modes fulfilling your acceleration needs and contributing to 20% fuel economy of your car. 

Experience The Most Practical Upgrade With Pedal Commander Install Manual

Pedal Commander offers mind-blowing speed, high-quality performance, and fuel economy at the same time. Even if there are a lot of traditional upgrade parts, most auto companies just get interested in their own profit and interest. For this reason, you can make a wrong decision if you don’t make enough research about the installation cost of the product you bought.

However, you can feel lucky enough if you are reading this blog right now. Pedal Commander has a reliable and effective installation manual, just like its technology. As Pedal Commander installation manual includes useful and detailed instructions, you can easily learn how to install a Pedal Commander without going to a mechanic. So, Pedal Commander install manual helps you save your money and time.

Are You Ready to Admire Pedal Commander Install Time?

None of the auto upgrade products can compete with Pedal Commander install time. For this reason, there will always be both haters and fans Multiple SEMA award-winner Pedal Commander. Just ignore those crying “I can’t install it” and keep reading to discover how easy Pedal Commander install is.


Unlike risky and expensive upgrades like increasing horsepower and chip tunings, Pedal Commander installed offers a more affordable and practical installation process for you. It only takes 15 minutes. Without going to a mechanic and paying an extra fee, you can install it on your own and operate it from your mobile phone with an app. 

Just Watch Pedal Commander Install Video Now!

As Pedal Commander is popular and practical enough, there are a lot of videos including reviews about how to install a Pedal Commander everywhere. But, don’t forget that its unsuccessful competitors try to defame the simplicity of Pedal Commander install. You can watch the videos on our Youtube page to learn how easy Pedal Commander install is. 

While you are installing a Pedal Commander on your vehicle, you can experience the ultimate level of comfort. The more you watch our videos about Pedal Commander install, the more you realize that it has high-quality technology. So, if you have difficulty in believing what you read, you can watch the Pedal Commander install video.

Also,you can watch other Pedal Commander videos about Pedal Commander install by selecting your vehicle information from the dropdown menu which is existing on the upper side of this page.

How to install Pedal Commander on your vehicle?