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Most Eco-Friendly Improvement For Car Performance?

The state of our world is in need of help, and every brand is doing what it can to stop the crisis by focusing on EVs, smaller carbon footprints, and hybrid solutions. The fight has begun and is going on. You might have done the same thing as a driver to eliminate dangerous gasses. Here's how a green car can help you get better at being green!

Schedule Regular Preventative Maintenance

A well-kept car is good for the environment. If you do the recommended maintenance on your vehicle, you're already making it better for the environment. With regular maintenance, your car will run better, release less carbon dioxide, and save you money in the long run.

Some of the most important routine maintenance tasks are changing the fuel and air filters, replacing the spark plugs and wires, and checking your onboard computer control system for error codes.

Keep the Right Tire Pressure

Keeping the proper pressure in your tires will help them last longer, improve gas mileage, and make your car safer. Generally, you should check the tire pressure once a month.

You can get it done for free by going to a nearby mechanic. Also, it's essential to check your tires whenever the weather changes, summer or winter, because the temperature can change the air pressure in them.

Aim For Less Weight

Adding more storage to your car will probably use more gas because it has to work harder to move the load. Getting rid of extra weight from your vehicle could help it run better.

The extra drag from a roof rack could make you use more gas. When the roof rack is not being used, it is best to take it off.

Decide Your Favorite Speed

When you're driving alone on an empty highway, it can be tempting to step on the gas. But driving steadily and not stopping as often will save you a lot of gas and be better for your car.

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, aggressive driving (speeding) can cut your gas mileage by 15–30% at highway speeds and 10–40% in stop-and-go traffic. Depending on the car, the best rate for gas mileage is different. However, the best car for the environment is usually between 35 and 50 mph.

Smartly Breaking Does Help

When you need to get back up to speed, if you frequently hit the brakes, you use more gas and wear out your brakes faster. To have good-for-environment vehicles, don't brake too much and don't use too much gas. Instead, try to predict what the road ahead will be like. If you can, choose highways or routes that won't be crowded with cars so you can keep your speed steady as you travel.

Cut Down on the Waiting Time

Most of us have parked our cars and left the engine running at some point. Leaving your car running while you wait for your food or are in line to pick up your kids from school might not seem like a big deal.

But it's easy for a few seconds to turn into a few minutes, and it's those minutes that use up a lot of fuel. Turning off (and then back on) can be a much better choice than letting the car sit idle because it saves fuel.

A/C vs Fuel

Even though it's nice to use the air conditioner on a hot day, it uses more gas. Based on what the U.S. Department of Energy says, using the air conditioner in hot weather can cut the fuel economy of a regular car by more than 25%, especially on short trips.

If you're driving, think about whether you can get away with a cracked window instead of turning up the air conditioning. If you have to use the air conditioner, try to set it to a comfortable, moderate temperature instead of one that keeps getting colder and colder.

How to Fill Your Tank

How you fill up your car with gas is very important. If you add more fuel to your tank after the pump has stopped, it makes it more likely that dangerous fumes will escape into the air.

A lot of new cars come with an emissions canister, which is good. Through the canister's vent valve, the vapor gases are let out into the air. If you put too much gas in your tank, it might leak out the filler neck or even get into the emission canister assembly. It is better to stop when the pump is empty.

Best Performance Upgrade for Better Fuel Economy

Step by step, you can use less fuel if you know some tips and tricks. But there is one way you can control how fast you go and use the least amount of gas. Pedal Commander is a tool for performance that does what its name says it does. You can use it to get rid of the factory latency and make your car go faster, or you can use the ECO mode to get better gas mileage up to 20%. Find out about Pedal Commander now to make the world a greener place!