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Everything About Drive By Wire Technology

If you like cars, you may have heard of "drive-by-wire" technology. Drive-by-wire is a general term for how a car's brakes, steering, and throttle are controlled electronically without using traditional mechanical connections. Electronic controls are used in every part of a car now, from the brakes to the steering. There are many benefits to this technology, which is becoming more and more common in new cars.


Drive-by-wire technology is a way to talk for the parts of a car. These cars where the throttle body is controlled by electronics instead of the usual mechanical controls. In other words, hydraulic pressure or wires can't be used to change how sensitive the throttle is on a car.

What is Good About Drive By Wire?

A drive-by-wire system is different from a drive-by-cable system in that there is little to no mechanical connection for the gas pedal and the engine. In other words, a drive-by-wire system tells the engine how much power to make by sending it an electric signal.

The latter (drive-by-cable) still uses a mechanical cable to send information from the gas pedal to the engine. This kind of mechanism is common in older cars but not so much in newer ones.


Fuel Efficiency

When there are fewer moving parts, there is less need for gas. This will make your car use a lot less gas because the electronics are powered by the car battery.

Freedom of Choice

In a mechanically controlled car, there are only a certain number of places inside where controls can be put. This has changed because of a technology called "drive-by-wire." This lets automakers put controls almost anywhere they want. Now, drivers have a much better choice for how to handle their cars on the road.

Less Carbon Emission

This is also related to the first benefit we talked about. Because your car uses less gas, it will release less carbon into the air. Those who care about the environment will also like this, no doubt.

Loss of Weight

There are a lot of moving parts in mechanically linked vehicles, which makes them heavier. Drive-by-wire technology cuts down on the number of moving parts in a car and also makes it lighter.

Are There Bad Sides to Drive By Wire?

People only seem to worry about electronic failure or hacking when it comes to drive-by-wire cars. Only one computer or sensor in a car needs to go wrong for there to be a big problem on the road.

Drive-by-wire cars have many safety features that if something goes wrong with an electrical part, you can tell right away. After that, you can take it to a mechanic and fix it right away. One could also say the same thing about a vehicle with moving parts. One of those cars could stop working if a cord broke or something happened to the hydraulic pressure.

What is the Most Important Thing About Drive By Wire?

The worst thing about drive-by-wire is that because the throttle response is set at the factory, people may get pedals that are more or less sensitive. Imagine being in a parking lot and driving with your family in the backseat. If the electronic throttle response wasn't changed, it would make them jump out of their seats if it was too high, and if it was too low, you would be late to where you wanted to go.

We made Pedal Commander just for this reason! Choose the response rates of your throttle pedal however you want, and enjoy your freedom. There are many good things about Pedal Commander, like the fact that it can save up to 20% more fuel in ECO mode, which is also very useful for off-road vehicles to keep the ground from getting slippery for your tires. You can also speed up acceleration to improve track times, make overtaking safer, and do many other things. Explore Pedal Commander made specifically for your car’s make and model now!