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What is a Car Warranty

Warranty for cars is a very important subject. When you know the right answer to the “what is a car warranty” question, you will preserve the general ride quality of your vehicle. Let’s talk about the warranty definition. We can define a car warranty as protection against paying for the replacement of broken car parts. In other words, the manufacturer of your vehicle is responsible for covering labor costs as well as new original car parts.


On the other hand, some people tend to ask “is car warranty the same as insurance”. Let’s look at the difference between a car warranty and insurance. While car insurance is a contract protecting your vehicle in the event of an accident or theft, a car warranty covers repair costs due to mechanical faults. Both of them should be examined especially before buying a used car.

As you know, every car warranty is different from each other in terms of terms and conditions which cover different parts of your vehicle. However, we can say that car warranties explained generally cover the engine, fuel systems, gearbox, clutch, suspension, steering, and brakes. Also, a warranty on cars has a set period of time or a set distance in miles. The average warranty coverage is 3 years or 36,000 miles. 

If you want to benefit from your car warranty, you need to learn everything about how to keep it valid. When you consider car warranties explained above, you will seek the answer to the “how does car warranty work” question. There are some important requirements that keep your warranty valid. If you don’t meet these requirements, your car warranty will not work, in other words, you will have to pay for the breakdown parts of your vehicle.

Thus, learning only the car warranty definition is insufficient to keep it valid. For this reason, we will talk about what void your car warranty in this article. This also reveals the operating logic of your car warranty. If you read this article till the end, you will discover a useful tip for your vehicle. 

Everything About What Voids Your Car Warranty

When you learn what voids your car warranty, you will have a certain answer to the “how does car warranty work”. In fact, it is important to know what is not covered by your warranty. We can sort this as poor maintenance, overloading, racing, wrong modifications, natural disasters, etc. So, let’s look at how wrong modifications void your vehicle warranty.

As many people want to upgrade the performance and acceleration of their vehicles, they generally buy aftermarket parts. When you take your vehicle to the service under your warranty coverage, you should restore it to factory settings so that the authorized service can properly detect the general problems of your vehicle. However, there are some risky aftermarket parts that change the factory settings of your vehicle. 

We can sort these car mods as chip tunings, turbochargers, and superchargers. They have direct intervention in how the engine works. When you modify your vehicle with one of them, you will face an invalid warranty. At this point, user error (e.g., installing a supercharger) leads to serious damage to the original engine parts of the vehicle.

In fact, both the warranty and the performance of your vehicle are equally important. For this reason, you need to be careful about which aftermarket modifications are reliable. The good news is that there is a perfect aftermarket part respecting your car warranty and upgrading your car performance. If you want to learn it, all you need to do is keep reading!

How to Upgrade Your Car’s Performance Without Voiding Warranty

Today’s rapidly developing technology paves the way for fierce competition between different auto-upgrade parts. For this reason, many car enthusiasts have difficulty in deciding which car mods don’t void your warranty. Thus, if you are looking for a safe aftermarket part, you should discover how Pedal Commander upgrades your vehicle without voiding your warranty.


Pedal Commander is the most reliable and practical throttle response controller on the market. It offers a safer boost in performance and acceleration. The reason is that Pedal Commander respects the factory settings of your vehicle. It eliminates throttle lag from your accelerator pedal without intervention in the engine operation.

Moreover, Pedal Commander is quick to install. Without going to a mechanic, you can easily install it on your own. It takes just 15 minutes. Thus, you should know that Pedal Commander will never void your warranty. When you install it in your vehicle, you will experience perfect driving pleasure with Pedal Commander’s four adjustable driving modes.