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pedal commander
pedal commander

What are the Reasons to Upgrade Your Car's Performance?

Many buyers can't afford new cars due to excessive pricing. Past few years, many things caused quarantine and supply chain disruption. This won't stop you from having a great time driving, though. High-quality performance components are available.

Modern technology allows manufacturers to build various performance parts for performance, acceleration, fuel efficiency, safety, appearance, cosmetics, etc. You can pick the best auto improvement part based on your preferences. This is cheaper than buying a new automobile.


Purchasing a new car is a depreciating investment that requires taxes and insurance. When you need a car performance increase, you'll look for a dependable aftermarket item. Isn’t that a terrific idea. This article explains why a performance component is a better investment than a new automobile. Let's look at some reasons to increase performance.


New car sales taxes and insurance expenses are higher. High-quality aftermarket parts don't cost extra and offer better financing. Upgrade your vehicle's performance, acceleration, or fuel economy to charge more. A good aftermarket part improves your lease terms. A good performing component is worth your money and time.



People buy new cars for the warranty. The new car warranty you pay for isn't an incredible perk. The latest model automobiles cost a fortune. Therefore their warranty is hard to get. Knowing trustworthy performance components are available will be enough though! An aftermarket part with its own warranty. Why? The guarantee of an aftermarket item allows you to increase your vehicle's performance and safeguard its quality at a lower cost. So which performance part is that? A throttle controller in particular, keep reading!

Technology Integration

Many people follow the latest model cars, but they don't know about auto upgrades. We enjoy the modern technology of new cars, but high-quality and trusted brands also profit from it. Aftermarket components that increase performance, acceleration, fuel efficiency, safety, comfort, or style are a giveaway. Instead of buying a new car, you may acquire high-tech performance components.

Comfortable Features

Better features and comfort are key to boosting performance. As some performance enhancements use modern technology, they can be used with a Bluetooth app. At the end of this post, we'll recommend a high-quality, comfortable performance component. Keep reading to learn about that aftermarket part!


New automobiles are quite eco-friendly. Auto performance advancements aren't far behind. Some aftermarket parts are competitive. Some manufacturers use CARB certification. CARB certification is important for environmental protection and aftermarket component dependability since it makes upgrade parts lawful in California and 19 other states. CARB-certified aftermarket components are reliable, and there is one at the end of this blog.


Safety is a significant motivation to increase performance. Old automobiles handle and ride poorly, especially in bad weather. If you have an old car and can't afford to replace it, acquire a multipurpose aftermarket item to make driving safer. Some performance increases include weather-based driving modes. Read on for the finest one.

Cost-effective Maintenance and Repair

A performance upgrade can also reduce maintenance and repair expenditures. Creating a consistent program for car maintenance and repair is essential. A performance tuner or throttle response controller would help in protecting your vehicle's ride quality. These devices regulate your car's acceleration based on weather and road conditions.


Better Acceleration and Performance

Fantastic performance and acceleration are prominent reasons to increase performance. A high-quality performance item may turn your old automobile into a beast. It's cheaper than buying a new car. When you buy or replace an aftermarket item, you may benefit from quickly expanding technology. If you want the best aftermarket part, here it is!

Pedal Commander: Most Versatile Performance Upgrade

Pedal Commander, the multiple SEMA-award-winning, FCC-certified throttle controller, unlocks your vehicle's full-throttle capability in 15 minutes. Pedal Commander provides quick engine power and eliminates throttle lag. Pedal Commander's cutting-edge, adaptable technology has four configurable settings. You may also use its smartphone app and boost your throttle quickly! Pedal Commander surpasses all aftermarket components due to its plug-and-play nature, which keeps your warranty safe. Command your pedal and Live Life Full Throttle.