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pedal commander
pedal commander

Towing With Pedal Commander

Nearly every driver encounters various challenges when towing a vehicle. However, if you prioritize your comfort, safety, and performance, you must be fully aware of Pedal Commander towing. Since Pedal Commander is a flexible modification for trucks and other vehicles, we frequently hear the question "Does Pedal Commander aid in towing." The answer, however, is not so simple because some car categories, such as SUVs and vans, have a specified tow rating. And that grade depends on the chassis's capabilities as well as the engine's output.


Given that Pedal Commander doesn't increase your car's power or alter its chassis, the answer could seem to be a clear no. It is not, however, a simple response. Yes, you should modify the engine or the chassis of your car if you want a better towing capacity. To assist you with towing, Pedal Commander does have a few aces up its sleeve.

Let’s find out how Pedal Commander makes the tedious towing process more bearable and useful. Next, let's discuss the towing capacity of the Pedal Commander.

Can Pedal Commander Be Used for Towing?

You must alter your vehicle's acceleration when you want to tow a travel trailer, a small boat, or other vehicles in order to do it safely. When you pull something behind your automobile, you quickly find that the input from depressing the gas pedal is increased. However, knowledgeable towers are aware that when towing, good throttle control is essential. Pedal Commander improves towing by giving you more control over your accelerator pedal's sensitivity, unlike the majority of other aftermarket improvements.


With the four customizable modes of Pedal Commander, you can reduce your acceleration to avoid the forces produced by the towing process. The four changeable modes on Pedal Commander are ECO, City, Sport, and Sport+. The ECO mode will come in handy for towing because it provides gradual, smooth acceleration, allowing you to tow safely. As you are aware, when towing, slow and steady prevails. When towing, you should also avoid making abrupt direction changes or rapid maneuvers. Similar to ECO mode, City mode will offer a more refined and comfortable ride when you are towing and moving.

Saving time is a crucial factor in towing, and it's just as important as having a smooth, secure ride. Because Pedal Commander for towing speeds up throttle response time, you can get the desired level of acceleration.

With Pedal Commander's ECO mode and City mode, you may enjoy a comfortable and secure ride while also gaining time savings thanks to Pedal Commander's improved throttle control. Therefore, the towing capacity of the Pedal Commander will meet your needs.

Should You Tow With Pedal Commander?

Everyone dislikes dealing with the difficulties of the towing process, which is entirely normal. However, you should be aware that Pedal Commander, a winner of multiple SEMA awards, will support you in your hauling and towing operations. You already know that Pedal Commander is dependable for towing if you've read this far.

However, you will see that Pedal Commander for towing provides you with a more comfortable and secure ride than other conventional improvements when you contrast it with other aftermarket components. As a result, as you might expect, Pedal Commander's towing capacity has a lot of fervent supporters and detractors.

The electronic throttle mechanism is only made better with the Pedal Commander. You will learn the best approach to speed up throttle reaction time and save time if you install it on your car. With ECO mode and City mode, Pedal Commander for towing guarantees you a more pleasant and secure trip. With the towing capacity of the Pedal Commander, you can tow away with slow throttle response and save time.