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How to Properly Shop for a New Performance Upgrade

You need to know what not to do while looking for a new performance upgrade if you want to make a wise investment to improve your car's acceleration and performance.

Unfortunately, some manufacturers may prioritize their financial interests over product quality and consumer satisfaction when making a profit. Therefore, you should use caution when reading aftermarket part marketing, especially internet frauds and empty promises.

Beware of the Promises Made by the Aftermarket Parts

Some aftermarket parts make various functional claims, ranging from increased speed to improved fuel efficiency, however most of these exciting claims are merely lies. It's usually not true if anything seems too fantastic to be true. You may be vulnerable to placebo effects if you purchase an aftermarket part that has been overpriced after seeing online advertisements.

You might believe that the product improves your car's performance even if it doesn't because of what you hear or see. You must therefore be sufficiently knowledgeable about the actual operations of well-known aftermarket components.


Given the abundance of competitive performance parts on the market, it is only normal to find it challenging to distinguish between them. The most famous performance components can be categorized as throttle response controllers, turbochargers, superchargers, intercoolers, cold air intake kits, tuners, and tuning chips for forced induction.

While some affect your car's acceleration and performance, others are made to increase horsepower or improve fuel efficiency. However, not all of these items can fulfill the promises and claims made in their marketing. This post contains crucial cautions and helpful advice about what to avoid doing when looking for a new performance upgrade. So, all you need to do is read our in-depth analysis to get the most significant aftermarket component possible.

Avoid Purchasing Cheap Aftermarket Parts

Compared to what they claim, some performance components are really affordable. Even though it sounds fantastic, you should avoid using low-quality aftermarket components. You do get what you pay for, after all. The reason is that they run the risk of damaging your car's original engine components and perhaps voiding your warranty. Let's discuss auto warranties to give people more incentive to avoid purchasing low-quality performance components.

An automobile warranty is a service agreement that includes the manufacturer's acceptance of responsibility for replacing damaged original parts. You should be aware that it depends on paying for repairs when things fail or malfunction due to the manufacturer's installation or design flaws. Because of this, if an issue arises during the use or installation of the aftermarket item you purchased, you are responsible for the cost of repairing any original automobile parts that were damaged because the warranty would be void.


Several manufacturers pitch their products as a surefire way to improve your car's performance, acceleration, and fuel efficiency. For instance, you won't get the best results if you choose the least expensive supercharger. Superchargers are likewise made to improve horsepower and require top-notch professional assistance during installation, even if you get the greatest one. Therefore, the original engine parts are exposed to severe damage during both the installation and operation of superchargers.

As you can see, there is a direct correlation between low-quality aftermarket components and scenarios in which the car warranty is void. All you have to learn is how to locate a suitable aftermarket part if you appreciate our advice to steer away from inexpensive vehicle upgrade parts.

How to Locate the Correct Aftermarket Part?

Some automakers use internet advertisements that contain fraud and false promises to manipulate consumers' impressions. Since you are aware that money does not grow on trees, you should read trustworthy sources to determine what you want and locate the performance component that will give you the best results.

Establishing your needs and expectations should come first before making the decision to purchase any aftermarket parts. This enables you to decide on your spending limit and availability of the ideal aftermarket component. The part's safety and compatibility with your vehicle's design are the next things you need to consider. You will have the finest results if you conduct a thorough search on the subject.


Let's discuss how common aftermarket components like throttle controllers, turbochargers, and performance tuners work. Flashing your ECU can be a reasonable alternative if you want to give your automobile an extra 20 horsepower. However, it won't be butter smooth, doing so would be too difficult, dangerous, and unneeded to achieve the desired outcome.

Performance tuners, on the other hand, are intended for preserving and modifying specific parameters like ignition timing and air-fuel ratios. Due to their direct involvement in engine functioning, these also have risky installation and process. As you can see, we sorted through a lot of well-known aftermarket components to save the best for last. You can see "the best" one performing down there!

Throttle response controllers, which provide rapid access to the engine's power by lowering throttle reaction time, are the most valuable and dependable aftermarket component. A throttle controller is totally safe to install and use because it does not alter the ECU programming. All you have to do is stop making other automobile changes and choose the best throttle controller if you want to keep the car's warranty intact.

Meet Pedal Commander, the most useful and adaptable throttle controller, if you want to improve performance without any downsides. It can guarantee you pleasant acceleration adjustment, fuel efficiency, and a smoother and faster ride at the same time because it has four customizable settings. Because of this, we are justifiably proud to describe Pedal Commander as a comprehensive price-performance gadget.