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pedal commander
pedal commander

How can I install Pedal Commander? Does it harm my vehicle?

We got tons of questions about installation processes and security risks of Pedal Commander application, so we would try to clarify the frequently asked questions..

Can I install Pedal Commander on my own?

Pedal Commander is easy enough to install on your own with no mechanic experience. We include detailed install instructions in each shipment, and we even have a couple install videos to pose as examples on YouTube.

Where does Pedal Commander connect in your vehicle?

It connects to the throttle plug above your gas pedal. It is 2 male-to-female connections, no cutting or splicing is required. Its all plug & play.

What if I see an error signal on my vehicle panel after install?

If you get any error lights on your car after installation, give us a call to let us know what’s going on. We always have someone available to help troubleshoot any issues you may have.

Will Pedal Commander void my warranty after install?

Pedal Commander will not void your vehicle’s warranty, and it does not flag your ECU so it is completely undetectable by dealerships. Just make sure the unit is off before you go in for any warranty work.

What if my car does not support Pedal Commander after I buy it?

In the event that the Pedal Commander does not work for your vehicle, we will issue you a return label to send the unit back to us and we will apply a full refund to your order after it is received.

Does Pedal Commander harm my vehicle? Any chance to hurt the engine or ECU?

Pedal Commander works within your vehicle’s stock safety parameters, so your vehicle is never at risk of being harmed or damaged. There is also no risk of it harming your ECU because it does not connect directly into the ECU. It just alters the signal being sent to the ECU from the gas pedal.

How does my car process the signals of Pedal Commander without connecting to the ECU?

The electronic gas pedal sends signals to the ECU to let the car know how much throttle it needs to open. Pedal Commander amplifies this signal and tells the ECU to either give the car more or less throttle, depending on the mode you choose.

Any chance to plug it in wrong or risk damaging it while installing?

It’s impossible to install the Pedal Commander the wrong way. The male to female plugs can only plug in one direction. All you have to do is make sure the connections are tight so they don’t come loose while driving.

Does Pedal Commander have any risk about signal crashing while driving?

In the event that the connections do come loose, your gas pedal will just stop working and you can pull off the side of the road, it will not cause any damage.