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pedal commander
pedal commander

Do I Require a Pedal Commander with Tuner?

Pedal Commander is a performance part and an aftermarket component. When we talk about Pedal Commander in terms of performance, is it the same as other tuners? There is a small distinction there. Performance tuners come in various forms, including ECU remappers, Flash Tuners, Piggybacks, and OBD2 tuners. Plug-and-play tuners include Pedal Commander in its category. Simple plug-and-play tuners allow you to quickly start making money when installing them on your car. Between your throttle cable and your ECU (the computer in your car), Pedal Commander is particularly designed to connect. There are undoubtedly advantages to this, and we'll discuss them soon.


Pedal Commander functions as a plug-and-play tuner when it is connected. It is a little gadget that enhances the throttle signal sent between the throttle pedal and the computer in your automobile (ECU). As soon as this optimization is activated, you may choose among 36 ways to accomplish your optimization objective and configure your throttle to react as you see fit. Since nothing has been altered permanently, the warranty on your automobile is unaffected. You would revert to your standard vehicle settings if you unplugged Pedal Commander, but you should be aware that this process is undetectable so that you won't break your car's warranty. Does it make sense to pair this throttle sensitivity improvement with other performance tuner chips? If you did combine Pedal Commander with tuner chips, how would it impact the performance and health of your car? Then, let's go into some examples!

Should Tuners And Pedal Commander Be Used Together?

The quick answer is yes, Pedal Commander and tuner chips go together just fine. Let's discuss the Pedal Commander with a performance upgrade or any aftermarket item that increases your horsepower.

For a car with a general stock engine, a performance tuner chip will improve your horsepower by 10% to 15%. (i.e., one without any added performance components). Additionally, the horsepower increase you obtain from tuning may be up to 50% greater if you've modified your car with performance parts like a turbo, cold air intake, or exhaust!


For instance, if you have decided to utilize a performance tuner chip that increases horsepower, you must first understand the terms and conditions (sorry, dull stuff) since certain important items exist. The brand and model of the vehicle, the kind of gasoline and lubricant used, and the presence (or lack) of aftermarket performance components are all factors that affect a chip's performance. Understanding the functions that these elements play in a performance chip's efficiency will help you decide whether installing one in your automobile is necessary or detrimental.

It makes sense to use performance tuners in conjunction with Pedal Commander. After reading everything presented here, you will understand that reaching perfect collaboration is achievable. Increased horsepower and faster acceleration are what you would receive. You should remember the fact that a performance tuner chip is a performance tuner chip. Incorporating a performance tuner chip into your final modification entails terminating the warranty on your automobile and posing hazards that wouldn't be there with Pedal Commander alone.

Advanced timing may produce more power, but it also increases the chance of erroneous detonation. The knock sensor might not be able to extract enough timing in the case of this explosion to protect the engine. In the case of a greater redline, the engine may very well be capable of operating at a higher engine speed, but this also includes more elevated levels of wear and a greatly enhanced risk of catastrophic engine failure if pushed too far. As a result, chip tuning will violate your car's powertrain warranty.

Is a Pedal Commander With Tuner Required?

You may have guessed it already, but Pedal Commander can function at its peak without using a separate performance tuner chip. Naturally, you may increase your values by paying attention to detail and fine-tuning for your particular make and model, but you must exercise caution. A change done incorrectly or carelessly might have disastrous effects.


Without worrying about "losing your warranty," you may improve your performance by using Pedal Commander as a standalone performance tuner. It is sufficient to use Pedal Commander. It produces excellent results when carefully combined with other performance tuner chips, so you win in both scenarios. Even better, you may access its ECO mode with Pedal Commander and save up to 20% on fuel. Pedal Commander allows you to use your accelerator pedal in any way you like—whether you want to accelerate more quickly or leave a smaller carbon imprint, thanks to better fuel efficiency. Pedal Commander lets you control your pedal!