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pedal commander
pedal commander

Pedal Commander now available for McLaren

First, let's start off by saying when you have a twin-turbocharged 710 horsepower V8 in the cradle in your carbon fiber road-going race car it couldn't get much better than that right? Ha! Well, ask long-time client of Pedal Commander.

A long-time client called our warehouse a couple of weeks back and asked: "Hey, can you guys outfit my McLaren 720S?"

we said, "Bring it on!!" Our R&D team here at Vitalen Auto Performance has lots of experience with exotics and jumped at the opportunity,  After about 45 minutes of R&D with our tech team, his McLaren was set to chew up some asphalt at Speed Sector the upcoming weekend and unleash this Demon eating Hellcat hunting, GT3 munching MONSTER! 

with his brand new Pedal Commander equipped McLaren 720S

Pedal Commander is not only for certain types of cars or driving styles. It's for EVERYONE! from a taxi driver to teens looking to save some hard earned money on gas. Fully tuned cars pushing high horsepower and want their horse power faster.  For the rock

crawlers who needs COMPLETE throttle control to make it off that mountains safely. Those off road warriors facing the harshest elements in side x side vehicles. all the way to

Exotic supercars  like Lamborghini, Ferrari, and NOW your McLaren 720S

The Pedal Commander can make EVERYONES driving experience BETTER!

Try it. You'll see.

Pedal Commander PC-08 Installation - 2019 McLaren 720s

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