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pedal commander
pedal commander

Pedal Commander Labour Day Sale!

Labour Day is a national holiday to recognize the economic achievements of workers in Canada and their contributions to the safety and success of the nation. Pedal Commander would also like to recognize the achievements of our fellow workers by offering $40CAD off starting Friday, September 4th - Sunday, September 13th with the code LABOUR40. We hope this will help everyone have the opportunity to transform their vehicle into a performance car.

The Pedal Commander is available for most vehicles manufactured after 2003 and even some luxury cars before the year 2000 and up. The Pedal Commander gives drivers control over their vehicles throttle response. The throttle response is the sensitivity of the gas pedal, When the throttle response is slow the car throttle body will open less than the position of the pedal and when the response is high the throttle body will open faster. This is important because vehicle manufacturers program a delay in the response which can leave cars feeling sluggish. The Pedal Commander allows drivers to set the sensitivity of their gas pedal and therefore have more control over their rate of acceleration.

Get yours at With code LABOUR40 for $40CAD off (9/4-9/13).