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pedal commander
pedal commander

Pedal Commander Joins Thousands of Off-Road Enthusiasts at UTV Takeover

The highly-anticipated UTV Takeover series is up and running after a postponement earlier in the year due to COVID-19. Now, with more safety regulations and sanitation requirements in place for the all outdoor event, off-road enthusiasts are finally able to gather after months of shutdowns.

Just like you, the team at Pedal Commander is excited to connect one-on-one in the sand dunes and ocean fog of Coos Bay, Oregon, U.S.A., and watch along as some of the best drivers in North America battle it out. 

The UTV Takeover events are truly one of a kind when it comes to off-road events in the enthusiast community. While most events are left to the professionals, UTV takeover encourages participants of all skill levels to put the pedal to the metal. This diverse group of racers makes the experience unique and immediately bonds everyone in attendance through a shared passion. 

For those with the courage to try their fate at any one of the various events and races, you don’t need a seasoned race rig to get the job done. While upgraded suspension and better tires are always a plus, the installation process requires planning and a toolbox. 

One way to instantly upgrade your race rig, even in the middle of the sand dunes, is with a Pedal Commander throttle response system. Designed to remove the “lag” or “sluggish” response once contact is made with the pedal, the Pedal Commander lessens the delay in acceleration, giving you an advantage right off the starting line.

Visit us in vendor row, booth #B06 at the Boxcar Hill Campground, October 7-11, 2020, and experience first hand the difference the Pedal Commander makes. To find out what Pedal Commander unit is applicable to your vehicle, use our make and model finder on See you out there!