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Pedal Commander is Proud to Announce Sponsorship of the 2020 Formula Drift Season!

Less than two weeks after returning from #Gridelife Alpine Horizon at Pikes Peak Raceway in Colorado, the Pedal Commander team is packing up again. This time we are getting ready to head out to the Formula Drift Season Opener in St. Louis Sept 4th - 6th. Not only is Pedal Commander Team Driver Matt Field competing again this season, but 2020 is the first year Pedal Commander is sponsoring Formula Drift.

We are excited about this opportunity to work with one of the fastest-growing motorsports in the US. This year we will be hosting a booth at all Formula Drift events where you can meet the team, have all your questions answered, and order a Pedal Commander for your vehicle. Along with the booth, we will also have our media team running full force to capture all the most intense action, so be on the lookout for upcoming videos on our youtube channel. If you will not be able to make it out to St. Louis for the season opener you can always tune into the Livestream of the event hosted on Formula Drift’s Website.

The 2020 Formula Drift season will only feature half of the originally planned events this year, which means the drivers will have to fight harder each round due to fewer point opportunities. We are excited to see how drivers have used this extended offseason to practice and prepare their cars for the shortened series. With fewer events, drivers will also be able to push their cars even harder to try and make it out on top. With news that last year’s series champion James Deane will be withdrawing from the 2020 season, the number one spot will be left vacant and the potential of a totally new champion has been solidified.

You can find the complete formula drift schedule along with links to tickets and the Livestream here:

Check out our youtube channel and coverage of Matt Fields road to Formula Drift here:

Get a Pedal Commander for your vehicle here: