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Why Combine Muscle Cars with Pedal Commander?

From the late 1940s to now, automakers have continued developing Muscle Cars. As you know, a muscle automobile symbolizes culture and its long history. Because of this, many automobile enthusiasts undoubtedly have a classic muscle vehicle in their auto collections. But have you ever considered the necessity to boost your current muscle car's performance?


Although muscle vehicles have advanced significantly over the past two decades, they have also lost vital qualities. One of these is the cord for the throttle.

Older muscle vehicles featured throttle wires that provided immediate and linear access to power, which is why. Therefore, owners of historic muscle cars desire their modern counterparts to have the same strong acceleration.

However, the driving experience and acceleration are negatively impacted by the lag in the drive-by-wire systems used by manufacturers today. With Pedal Commander, you can get the most out of your current muscle vehicle while removing annoying throttle lag. Let's discuss the response to the question, "What does a Pedal Commander do?"


The most advanced throttle controller, Pedal Commander, only enhances your car's electronic throttle system. Its four selectable modes—ECO mode, City mode, Sport mode, and Sport+ mode—enable your vehicle to attain the highest degree of performance, acceleration, and comfort.

Every kind of muscle automobile is capable of having a Pedal Commander installed. On our official website, you may choose between Pedal Commander Dodge Charger and Pedal Commander Dodge Dakota when choosing your current muscle vehicle body and engine. No matter what brand of muscle vehicle and engine you have, it gives impressive power, snappy handling, and an agile ride.

With Pedal Commander, you can eliminate throttle lag and improve throttle responsiveness for neck-snapping acceleration.

How to Use Pedal Commander to Transform Your  Muscle Car from Good to Incredible

As you are aware, a muscle automobile is much more than a way of getting from one place to another. It exhibits the independence, strength, and quickness fundamental to the culture. Modern vehicles are more technological when compared to vintage muscle automobiles. We are aware that you still long for the powerful acceleration of vintage muscle vehicles.

With the aid of a cutting-edge vehicle update called Pedal Commander, you may improve the throttle responsiveness of your contemporary muscle car. Therefore, all you need to do to experience driving a historic muscle vehicle in your current muscle automobile is to purchase Pedal Commander. For instance, Pedal Commander for the Dodge Charger can make you feel like you are driving a vintage muscle vehicle.


All you need to know is that Pedal Commander will give you a greater throttle response the less you have to depress the accelerator pedal. The rationale is that Pedal Commander provides a quicker and smoother riding experience while reducing the throttle reaction time. With Pedal Commander, you can transform your muscle vehicle from decent to amazing.

Learn More About How Pedal Commander Guarantees a Classic Muscle Car Experience

If you've made it this far, you probably already know that cables provide older muscle vehicles with a stronger throttle response than their more recent counterparts. Those who drive current muscle vehicles expect them to accelerate as quickly as their 1960s counterparts. But during the course of their 70-year existence, muscle cars have experienced several modifications.

Modern muscle vehicles feature appealing, sporty-looking, and powerful engines, but throttle response delays are a result of manufacturers' deliberate design. Have you exhausted all potential solutions to your muscle car's sluggish throttle response so you can enjoy mind-blowing acceleration? Such as checking your tire pressure, fuel filter, and air filter. Unfortunately, even if you complete all of them, the delayed throttle reaction will only be fixed temporarily.

Pedal Commander, on the other hand, will put a stop to your quest for superior throttle response. Your car's electronic throttle system only gets better, keeping the engine safe. Because of this, Pedal Commander is completely apart from other common aftermarket components and chip tunings that increase your car's horsepower in terms of safety.

Additionally, Pedal Commander is the most cost-effective and functional auto modification. You can install it on your own in about 15 minutes without seeing a mechanic. You may modify your acceleration in accordance with various climatic and road circumstances with the help of Pedal Commander's four programmable settings.

As you can see, Pedal Commander gives you more options than merely allowing you to emulate the quicker throttle response of vintage muscle vehicles. The ECO mode allows for up to 20% less fuel use, while City mode provides a pleasant and comfortable ride. Additionally, Sport mode and Sport+ mode guarantee your contemporary muscle car gradual mind-blowing acceleration, allowing you to use them on the racetrack.

The wonderful benefits of Pedal Commander can be categorized as a security boost for improved throttle response, acceleration, fuel efficiency, and an easy installation procedure. All you have to do is trust that Pedal Commander will allow you to drive your modern muscle car with the improved throttle response of a classic muscle car.