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Does Modding a Car Void Warranty?

You may choose to modify your vehicle in order to improve your driving experience. Due to the large number of competing automobile modification shops, you may not have the answer to key queries such as "Does one modification cancel all car warranties?" Because the majority of common car modifications violate your warranty. Read on to find out why car modifications violate the warranty.

What is a Warranty for Car?

First, let's discuss the answer to the question, "What is a car warranty?" A vehicle warranty is based on a vehicle service contract in which the provider agrees to repair or replace defective vehicle components. What is covered by a car warranty? It only covers the cost of repairing malfunctions and breaks caused by manufacturing or installation flaws.


Modifying a car under warranty typically consumes the majority of your safety net. Even if your modifications did not cause the damage, you must pay the repair charge for the car parts if something goes wrong with the vehicle.

If you want to preserve the safety of your original automobile components, you need be cautious about the functions and operations of car modifications. In reality, it is fairly challenging to discover dependable and effective car modifications that do not void the guarantee. However, if you continue reading this site, you will discover the finest modifications you can make to your vehicle without voiding the guarantee.

How to Modify Your Vehicle Without Voiding the Warranty

When determining your objectives, budget, and timeline for a car modification, you should prioritize the safety of your vehicle's factory settings and components. If you employ modifications to your vehicle that violate the warranty, you may have to spend a lot of money and time if something goes wrong. Before getting a car modification, you must read our exhaustive research on which modifications violate the warranty.

Producers of aftermarket performance mods present some automotive changes to the market as a guaranteed way to improve the performance, acceleration, and fuel efficiency of your vehicle. These modifications are available in a variety of forms, including cold air intake systems, exhaust systems, suspension, wheels, tires, superchargers, turbochargers, and chip tuning. Some of them, however, are either completely useless or void the warranty.


For instance, if you add basic modifications to your vehicle, such as new wheels, you will not enjoy any performance enhancements and your warranty will not be voided. However, installing forced induction components such as turbochargers or other enhancements such as chip tuning have a direct and radical influence on the engine to increase horsepower. Therefore, they can all void your vehicle's warranty.

In addition, certain automakers, such as Hyundai and Kia, provide a 10-year warranty. Can you picture this valuable warranty being cancelled by a single automobile modification? It would be horrifying. Because of this, the correct response to the question "Does one modification void all car warranties?" is crucial. As an example, when chip tuning modifies your engine's factory settings, it can void your entire auto warranty, which is a significant issue.

As a second significant response to the question "Will modifications affect my new car warranty? ", we can say that modifying a car under warranty offers no security, regardless of whether your warranty is new or old. So, if you want to modify your automobile without spending money or time, all you need to do is meet Pedal Commander, the most dependable automotive modification.

See How Pedal Commander Maintains Your Vehicle's Warranty

If you are curious about the existence of car modifications that do not void the warranty, we have good news for you. When you discover Pedal Commander, you will no longer conduct study on the factors that void a vehicle's warranty. Pedal Commander is the most practical and dependable automotive modification that improves your vehicle's acceleration and performance to the next level.

A warranty is essential for maintaining your peace of mind when you own a vehicle. When you take your vehicle in for warranty service, you must restore it to factory settings so that the authorized service can properly diagnose the vehicle's general problems. You should therefore ensure that the car modification you purchased does not void your warranty.

Unlike other complex car modifications such as chip tuning and turbocharging, the installation and removal of Pedal Commander takes only 15 minutes. After watching our installation guide, you can independently install or uninstall Pedal Commander.

In addition, Pedal Commander does not add horsepower to your vehicle, so it does not have any direct or drastic effects on engine operation. Pedal Commander, unlike risky car modifications, only improves your vehicle's electronic throttle system, eliminating throttle lags from the gas pedal. Pedal Commander enables you to experience the highest levels of comfort, acceleration, and performance without voiding your vehicle's warranty.