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5 Leased Car Modifications that Will Improve Your Vehicle

An automobile's exterior, whether sporty, classy, or rugged, is determined by its wheels. You can do and undo this straightforward improvement in your garage or driveway. If you have leased wheels, it matters.

Custom changes often lower a car's market value, and if you are leasing, permanent car alterations are not allowed. But no enthusiast favors riding in a pre-built automobile. Here are five modifications you may make to your car while still being able to return it to stock if necessary.

Lease Friendly Mods: What Are They?

Can a leased car be modified? With a car lease, you may drive a brand-new vehicle off the lot for a set period of time and distance while only paying for the actual kilometers covered. You make a monthly payment in order to use the car. The monthly payments are calculated using the expected depreciation value of the car during the lease term.

There are a few things to make sure of before making any modifications to a leased automobile, even if placing performance parts on it can be an easy way to increase its performance and make it more fun to drive. Before anything else, it's crucial to review the details of your lease agreement to discover whether there are any limitations on car modifications. Some lease agreements could forbid the use of performance components or demand prior approval for any alterations.

The cost of the performance components and its potential impact on your monthly leasing payments are also very important to take into account. It's crucial to consider the added cost of the parts and the potential impact on your budget if you intend to make considerable alterations to your leased vehicle. Let's look at five simple automotive modifications to get the train of ideas rolling.

  • Spending money on new wheels. Do you want an automobile that looks more sporty? Tougher? Classier? Do you wish to operate the vehicle otherwise than how the manufacturer intended? It can be modified back. With a new set of wheels, you may now alter the appearance and functionality of your car. 

Try looking for nice used tires, overstocks, and reduced price sellers on Craigslist, Amazon, or eBay if the price ($1,000 for nice tires) sounds excessive.

  • A car's tinted windows add an air of mystery. When driving, the tint also serves as sunglasses. Just be cautious when applying the tint because bubbles, wrinkles, and fingerprints are quite easy to acquire. 

Learn about local laws as well, as some areas only allowed tint on the back windows and others just up to a particular amount of darkness.

  • In the past, if you had hired a car but didn't like the color, you would have the option to put up vinyl wraps. With a vinyl wrap, you can temporarily change any feature of the color without harming the car's original paint.

Similar to tinting, there are too many potential problems that could occur and make the automobile look tacky rather than cool, so you might want to employ an expert to do it.

  • And then the spray-on known as Plasti Dip, the rubberized coating for the handles of pliers and hedge clippers for color was created. It provides a low-gloss rubbery coating to the driver's chosen area of the automobile and peels off when you want to change the color or just want to get rid of it. A kit may be purchased to completely customize an automobile, and there are other other colors available.
  • Changeable addons. Some car models come pre-wired with navigation, high-end music systems, and backup cameras, but these features aren't often utilised. If you conduct the necessary study, you can discover which parts, both electrical and non-electrical, can be exchanged with something more contemporary, opulent, or merely unique.

Keep in mind that there will be a problem when you return the car if you add or remove the piece and damage the original part or the area surrounding it on the vehicle.

Bonus: The Top Leased Car Modification

After successfully improving your driving sessions, it's time to go all out and sustain your performance! Similar to how you wouldn't want to drive a dull stock automobile, you probably wouldn't like to notice that your rented car is beginning to function poorly.

Making the mentioned modifications to your leased car is neither simple nor inexpensive. It's difficult to put them together, and it's even more difficult to take them apart because you don't want it to be traceable. What if a third, secure option existed, though? Ladies and Gentlemen, Pedal Commander. It is safe, upholds your warranty, improves fuel efficiency and road control in ECO mode. Also provides the most exceptional performance increase in all other settings. Aiming for greater acceleration, check out Pedal Commander!