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How to Defend your Car Against Rust in Winter

Among the hazardous driving conditions that come with winter are whiteouts and black ice. Although using road salt to melt ice makes driving conditions safer, there are unavoidable negative effects on your car. If you don't take some simple measures to protect your car, road salt can ruin it.


Use of road salt during the winter is safe but rust is a prevalent issue that affects a car's underside. So while it is true that road salt is frequently used to melt snow and ice on the roads, it may also corrode and rust a car's undercarriage. Rust can spread if it is not stopped, eventually causing structural damage and expensive repairs.

How Can Salt Prevent Undercarriage?

There are a few things you can do to stop road salt from causing rust to develop on your car's underside. The fundamentals of preventing salt damage to your undercarriage are as follows:

  • Regularly wash your car over the winter. This will assist in cleaning the undercarriage of your automobile of salt and other particles. To completely clean the underbelly of your car, use a pressure washer or a car wash soap that has been carefully developed. Pay close attention to locations like the wheel wells and underneath the car's chassis where salt is prone to collect on the vehicle.
  • Use a rust preventer. To stop rust from forming, a chemical called a rust inhibitor is put into a car's undercarriage. Rust inhibitors come in a variety of forms, including wax-based and oil-based inhibitors. Follow the directions carefully before applying any rust inhibitor to your car; there may be more stages involved than simply pouring the entire bottle on the affected region. Had to go through that one...
  • Put a car cover on. A car cover can help shield the undercarriage from salt and other factors if you don't have a garage or other sheltered location to store your car during the winter. It's possible for a snowplow truck to mistakenly plow snow onto your car while acting innocently. For certain situations, there exist car coverings that are specially made to guard against rust and corrosion.
  • Restore any rust that has already formed. It's crucial to take care of any rust you see on your car's underside very away. Small areas of rust can be treated with a rust converter or rust inhibitor after being sanded down. Larger rust patches might need to be removed, patched up, or replaced entirely.
  • Think about employing a rustproofing service. Consider hiring a rust-proofing service if you're worried about corrosion on your car's underbelly. These services coat a car's substructure with a shield to stop rust from developing. Although rustproofing services can be pricey, in locations where road salt is frequently used, they may be a wise investment.


You may learn how to stop rust from forming on your automobile as a result of road salt by using these recommendations as a starting point in your battle against rust. Your automobile can be kept free of salt damage to the underside by regularly cleaning it, using rust inhibitors, and using car covers. If you do happen to find rust on the underside of your automobile, make sure to take care of it right away to stop it from worsening.

How Can a Good Car Avoid Poor Performance?

It's time to turn it up and maintain your performance after successfully avoiding rusty automobile driving sessions! Similar to how you would loathe seeing rust around your car, you undoubtedly loathe seeing poor performance doing the same. Although it may not be as simple to perform, rust is simple to see.

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