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pedal commander
pedal commander

Happy Thanksgiving or shall we say Action de Grâce!

As we approach the holiday weekend, we hope your time is filled with laughter and warmth and spent with friends and family. Thanksgiving is a time to come together with your loved ones and bond over shared passions. 

Grab your dad, kids, or friends, and spend some time bonding over a car this weekend. Some of the best memories are made in unexpected ways and can last a lifetime. In the spirit of Canadian explorer Martin Frobisher, embark on an adventure! 

If you’re worried that not all those present have the knowledge or ability to work on cars, don’t worry! Pedal Commander throttle response controllers are the perfect performance modification for enthusiasts of all skill levels. Our simple plug-and-play installation process allows you to easily share the experience with the most novice fan to the most experienced one. 

On top of the seamless installation process, we provide all the tools to get the job done allowing you to install it easily from anywhere. Once installed, the results are instantaneous! Get behind the wheel and feel the difference for yourself. Once you do, you will never go back. 

The wonderful thing about the Pedal Commander is you don’t need to have a lot of experience or time to make your car a performance vehicle, it takes just a matter of minutes. Unlock the true power of your vehicle today and increase your acceleration by eliminating the lag or delayed response from the pedal. Visit and use our make and model finder to order your unit today and get CA$40 off for a limited time! Use code: THANKFUL40 at checkout.