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Can a Faulty Car Battery Cause Errors?

Got a battery issue in your car? It is time to talk about how the starter, alternator, and battery in your automobile work together to start the engine, provide power to the electrical system, and replenish the battery so the car can continue to operate. We'll also answer some of the most common questions about engine failure due to battery-related issues and help you determine which of these things is to blame.


What are the Signs of a Faulty Car Battery?

Your car's battery will likely last less than you think. Reports from owners of different makes and models of vehicles show that the factory-installed batteries in many modern cars don't last as long as expected, sometimes only two or three years.

Even though a weak battery can sometimes start your car, it can't handle the extra load of power windows and other electrical features. Even if your windows and radio are in working order, you can't get the car to start. 

Your starting system may be the source of the issue. Your automobile can always be jump-started. If your battery is dead, jump-starting should work to start the vehicle. If it doesn't, the starter is probably to blame.


Here are some signs of a failing automobile battery:

  • Problems with the wipers, vehicle stereo, and electric side mirrors and other power devices on your automobile.
  • An ignition that reacts inconsistently.
  • Your dash lights need to be fixed. When the ignition is switched on, the battery needs more power, yet no alert or check engine light appears.
  • Weak light sources. Are your headlights dimmer than usual? Try turning on the full beam; if everything stays the same, you can be confident the battery is defective, but this can be difficult to confirm.

Can Transmission Issues be Attributed to a Weak Car Battery?

Before starting, your engine has to spin swiftly enough to pull gasoline and air into its cylinders and compress them. When you turn on your automobile, a signal is sent to the battery, starting a chemical reaction that generates electrical energy. The computer system also uses electronic controls to run the transmission.

If the battery is unable to provide the starting motor and other electrical components during ignition with the required electrical energy, the automobile won't start.

Your car's starting shaft has a gear wheel that connects to a big gear ring that goes around the flywheel's rim. Your starter turns the engine by taking power from the battery, sending fuel to the engine cylinder, and compressing the gasoline.


When the outside corrosion on the battery becomes bad enough, you will start to notice the transmission acting up in various ways because of how frequently the electrical system malfunctions. So, if you don't take care of the battery, the transmission will show signs of trouble before going back to normal. 

This makes it hard to tell if your transmission will fail or not. When changing gears, your transmission may skip a gear or make the change take longer than usual, among other things. This suggests that occasionally the transmission doesn't get enough power because the battery terminals are rusted. If the gearbox jerks or has trouble going into gear, be sure to check the battery. Bring the car in for a checkup as soon as you can to prevent further damage to the transmission.

Can a Defective Car Battery Lead to Computer Issues?

All the electronic parts of your car, including the car computer, might be impacted by a bad battery. A battery that isn't performing properly can have problems giving a computer the power it needs.

PowertrainThe Powertrain Control Module (PCM) is the computer's name in a modern car. It is in charge of controlling essential parts like the engine, gearbox, and powertrain. It controls these systems based on the information it gets from the different sensors in your car.

Lower electricity voltages may be sent as battery empties, which may or may not harm your PCM. But because your PCM isn't getting enough power, it could definitely cause some problems. Additionally, issues that aren't brought on by your battery may be brought on by your PCM.

If you are certain that your battery is not the issue, there may be a PCM issue. You can find out this information by charging or replacing the battery and seeing if the problems still happen. Can electrical issues also be brought on by a poor car battery? Unfortunately, you need special tools to check the PCM, so it's best to have a professional technician test and fix it.

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