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pedal commander
pedal commander

Everything You Need to Know About Pedal Commander

If you're looking to overtake with your family hauler or navigate over rocks with your off-roader, it's important to consider factors like acceleration and control. You may need to take the necessary steps to prevent your truck from bouncing about while carrying a significant weight behind its back or to ensure that your weekend racer receives rapid power delivery through the cones at your local autocross circuit.

No matter what you do with your veteran vehicle, Pedal Commander is the ultimate upgrade that allows you to do it efficiently.

What is Pedal Commander?

Let's begin with the most direct question you might have. What is this small device called "Pedal Commander" that makes grand promises that may be a bit ambitious? Pedal Commander is a cutting-edge electronic device that is meticulously engineered to elevate the responsiveness of a vehicle's gas pedal. With Pedal Commander, you can enhance your throttle inputs and experience faster acceleration by adjusting the signal sent to the engine's Electronic Control Unit (ECU).

Throttle control systems in modern vehicles frequently exhibit a delay between the initial pedal input and the subsequent movement of the valve in the throttle body. With Pedal Commander, you can say goodbye to any delay and enjoy instant throttle feedback, making your drives more exciting and immersive.

How Can Pedal Commander Improve My Vehicle?

Modern vehicles' throttle control systems hold the answer. Back in the day, when technology was simpler and more hands-on, the throttle pedal was directly connected to the throttle body using a physical cable or linkage. The gas pedal provided drivers with a direct and consistent throttle response, allowing for a proportional acceleration based on the pressure applied. With the advancement of technology and the shift towards digitalization, engineers have made significant changes to throttle systems by replacing the traditional physical linkage with sensors.

accelerator pedal

Electronic throttle control systems, also known as ETC or Drive-by-Wire, offer the advantage of reducing complexity and streamlining production processes. The systems ensure consistent vehicle characteristics regardless of external factors like temperature or altitude. ETC systems operate discreetly to enhance the seamless integration of features like cruise control or stability control. Electronic throttle management also plays a significant role in reducing exhaust emissions.

ETC systems play a vital role in modern automotive, but there is one minor inconvenience that can impact your daily drives: throttle lag. The techniques we mentioned earlier result in a small time lag between when you first move the throttle and when the valve inside the throttle body actually opens. This delay is intentionally implemented by manufacturers to comply with EPA emission regulations and cater to the needs of various drivers. While certain individuals may find value in these safety measures for a more secure driving experience, others simply desire the same level of control over their vehicles as in the past, reminiscent of the days of cable throttles.

Here's where Pedal Commander comes in; it makes driving more enjoyable by getting rid of this delay.

Why Do You Need Pedal Commander?

Now that you know what we do and how we do it, let’s explain why you would need Pedal Commander:

Pedal Commander

Better Driving Experience

With Pedal Commander, your vehicle becomes incredibly responsive to your pedal inputs, greatly enhancing your overall driving experience. By upgrading the throttle mapping, your vehicle will undergo a transformation, becoming more engaging and dynamic.

No Throttle Lag

While the throttle delay may not seem like much at first, removing it will have a big impact on your car's performance. Thanks to Pedal Commander, your car can respond quickly to accelerator presses.

Enhanced Safety

In some instances, safe driving requires fast acceleration and quick reflexes. A greater power delivery will make your vehicle flexible enough to adjust to rapid changes in traffic, regardless of its size. With a more sensitive throttle, merging onto highways or making rapid overtakes will be much easier. In some instances, safe driving requires fast acceleration and quick reflexes. A greater power delivery will make your vehicle flexible enough to adjust to rapid changes in traffic, regardless of its size. With a more sensitive throttle, merging onto highways or making rapid overtakes will be much easier. 

Simple Performance Upgrade

You don't need to make any additional modifications or overhauls to your vehicle for the Pedal Commander. This device is super straightforward and does exactly what it claims. Plus, it's designed to be a hassle-free plug-and-play upgrade. The installation process typically takes about 15 minutes and doesn't require any special tools or skills. You can start enjoying it right away once it's installed.

Peace of Mind

Pedal Commander does not disrupt or leave any traces on your vehicle's ECU or other electronic systems. Your car's manufacturer's warranty is intact, and it is as simple as removing the Pedal Commander to return your vehicle to stock anytime necessary.

What are Pedal Commander’s Features and Best Use Cases?

Let’s look at Pedal Commander’s features and best use cases:

pedal commander box

Instant Power Delivery

Pedal Commander accelerates your car more quickly by reducing throttle lag. With latency removed, your car can transfer power to the driven wheels instantaneously, allowing you to unlock its full potential.

Quicker acceleration can enhance your driving experience in a sports vehicle, smoother and easier towing and hauling in a truck, and safer driving in particular situations, such as merging onto highways.

Complete Customization with 4 Modes and 36 Settings

Pedal Commander offers four driving modes: Eco, City, Sport, and Sport+. There are 36 settings in total, with nine sensitivity levels for each mode. You have complete control over your vehicle's throttle response and can finely adjust the sensitivity to your preference.

City mode ensures your vehicle is ready for your daily commutes, while Sport and Sport+ modes bring about significant performance enhancements. On the other hand, Eco mode greatly reduces the throttle response, which leads to improved fuel efficiency during relaxed drives or in stop-and-go city traffic.

Precise Control on Challenging Surfaces

Using the Pedal Commander in Eco mode improves fuel efficiency and is an excellent method for precise throttle control in various situations.

In treacherous winter conditions, Eco mode allows you to regulate the throttle more precisely. It also helps you off-road when you need to crawl over difficult areas like muddy trails or rock crawling with precise throttle inputs. Controlled power delivery is also an excellent valet mode for high-performance vehicles.

Compact and Discreet

Pedal Commander is a stylish and compact device that, depending on the cable length, can easily fit into various storage compartments or surfaces on your vehicle's dashboard. The cabin remains clutter-free, and the items can be easily concealed. With Pedal Commander's Bluetooth connectivity and our user-friendly mobile app, you can effortlessly maintain full control of the device.

Why Choose Pedal Commander?

Here are the reasons why you should choose Pedal Commander:

Easy to Install and Use: Pedal Commander connects to your vehicle’s accelerator pedal with OEM connectors. It has a plug-and-play design, so no expertise is required to get it working. Its user-friendly interface makes changing settings a breeze and offers Bluetooth connectivity to use the device with your mobile phone via our free mobile app. 

Tested and Approved: Tested and certified by FCC, CE, TUV, and CARB, Pedal Commander works seamlessly with different makes and models without interfering with your vehicle’s other electronic systems. It does not harm anything on your vehicle and does not void your warranty.

Positive Reputation: With over 13,000 positive reviews online and 4.9 stars out of 5, Pedal Commander is used by over half a million people. Its strong reputation in the market often serves as a testament to its quality and performance.

As mentioned earlier, Pedal Commander allows you to fully experience your vehicle's capabilities, no matter what you're using it for, without any unnecessary complications. Click here to order yours now!