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How to use Pedal Commander's ECO Mode for Hypermiling?

For drivers in the US, expensive petrol has become just a fact of life. Some of them have resorted to extreme tactics in an effort to drive their cars as efficiently as possible. In the US, this is referred described as "hypermiling." However, any driver who wants to optimize their MPG may use some of the techniques used by hypermilers to obtain fuel economy that is greater than the promises made by the industry standard.


Even if you don't want to go all in, answering the question of what hypermiling is and cherry-picking a few hypermiling techniques can considerably increase your fuel efficiency. Continue reading to learn about a surprising assistant who offers assistance in all environments and circumstances.

Who’s a Hypermiler, Why Hypermile?

Being a hypermiler is the first step in hypermiling. That's because a certain set of actions you take will determine how effective your hypermiling is. What is hypermiling, then? If a 5-minute trip can be completed on foot or by bicycle instead of driving, you will be walking or riding your bike as a hypermiler. If you must drive, choose a route that requires little braking and acceleration and is as direct as feasible. 

You will also try your best to drive when it's less busy. The secret to hypermiling is keeping your momentum. Driving becomes less efficient the more braking and acceleration you do when ascending hills or navigating through heavy traffic. In fact, Pedal Commander can assist you with that. Your acceleration control may be substantially improved by using the City mode and ECO mode; more on that later!


The car will also be tweaked for optimal efficiency when hypermiling. This means that in order to ensure that rolling resistance is at its most effective, it will be regularly maintained, serviced, and have properly inflated tires. Any extra items in the back will also be removed to decrease weight and improve fuel economy. 

When parked, a hypermiler will try to exploit their situation. When it's cold outside, they will park their car facing the sun to let the sun to melt a frosted windscreen instead of turning on their heated screen. In order to reduce the tension on the car's air conditioning system while it's hot outside, they'll also park in the shade.

Which Driving Techniques Can Help You Get More Miles Per Gallon?

To assist you achieve better hypermiling results, below are some fundamental guidelines for hypermiler automobiles use.

Speed Management

Speeding reduces fuel efficiency because of wind resistance and tire rolling resistance. Even though different speeds are required for automobiles to achieve their maximum fuel economy, gas efficiency normally plummets over 50 mph. 

For light-duty cars, for example, every 5 mph beyond 50 mph results in a $0.30 increase in gasoline costs per gallon (at the current price of $4 per gallon). If you drop your speed by 5 to 10 mph, your fuel economy can rise by 7 to 14%.

Trip Preparation

By cutting down on the time it takes to start and stop your automobile, combining trips can help you save time and money. In colder climates where it may take longer for your engine to warm up to its most fuel-efficient temperature, this is especially advantageous. 

A single, long, multi-purpose trip will use less gasoline than a shorter trip when the engine is warmed up and functioning at its most fuel-efficient temperature. Shorter trips might use twice as much gasoline to cover the same distance as one long one. 

Engine efficiency is reduced due to increased friction caused by cold engine oil and other drive-line fluids in the engine and gearbox. You may travel less and spend less time operating a cold engine by pre-planning your travels.

How Can You Save Fuel While Driving Under Specific Circumstances?

While proper driving tactics are crucial, you also need to understand which driving style is appropriate for certain types of terrain. In a muddy environment, trying to keep a continuous speed of 50 mph might not be practical after all! Let's look at several terrain-wise strategies.

Hypermiling Off-road

How can gasoline be conserved when driving uphill? You must slow down to maintain traction on rocky terrain with many obstacles. A quick acceleration makes the ground slick for your tires. When trying to free a stuck car, slow and steady wins the day. 

The ECO mode on Pedal Commander can assist you with that! To accelerate with regulated momentum over difficult terrain, improved throttle sensitivity is created. ECO mode allows for a 20% increase in fuel efficiency!

Hypermiling in Cities

Hypermiling in a metropolis is challenging, just as controlling your rage in traffic. But in theory, you would improve your hypermiling if you could control your car with a focused approach. To be sure, you must forecast how the traffic will behave in the future.

Recall that drafting can help you save on petrol! The response to the question "can drafting save gas?" has been considered by Mythbusters. You can save some fuel by following a large truck. These are the outcomes:

  • 55 mph, 32mpg for control.
  • 100 feet apart: 35.5 mpg, an 11% increase.
  • 38.5 mpg, or 20% at 50 feet apart.
  • 40.5 mpg, or 27%, at 20 feet apart.
  • 44.5 mpg, or 39%, at 10 feet apart.
  • 41 mpg, or 29%, at 2 feet apart.
  • It is believed that Grant's inability to maintain a consistent throttle at a distance of two feet really decreased the mpg percentage.

    Take your lane, accelerate, shift gears, and brake as necessary. Examine the changes that occur along your journey during the morning, noon, and night. At Pedal Commander's City mode, a better throttle response will give you even more assurance!