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Is Hellcat Getting Discontinued by Dodge?

Dodge has long been associated with performance. They frequently wowed car enthusiasts with the Charger and the Challenger, and they played a significant role in the horsepower battles during the heyday of American muscle.

It was startling, though, that these automobiles were being discontinued when their appeal was at its height.


While the electrification of powertrains is a general trend in the automobile industry, internal combustion engines were successfully retained in muscle vehicles. What is an American muscle car without a large, roaring V8 under the hood, after all?

So, the era of American muscle as we once knew it is over. Dodge is the first company to discontinue using large V8 engines, but it won't be the last. Although the shift is unavoidable, we are sure that the transition will take some time. All about it later on down there!

Why Must Muscle Cars Use Electrified Powertrains?

Dodge's choice to discontinue the Charger and Challenger, two of the most recognizable nameplates in the American car industry, takes work. There are several significant reasons BEVs (Battery Powered Electric Vehicle) and HEVs (Hybrid Electric Vehicle) are considered the future of automobiles.

The rules are the primary factor. Making a loud V8 without breaking any restrictions is growing increasingly tricky because of stricter pollution regulations and the new CAFE norms for 2026. Regarding carbon emissions, Dodge has a reputation for being among the worst offenders, but its parent company Stellantis is working to change that.

However, Dodge is not only switching its best-selling models to electric for environmental reasons. Internal combustion engines are being phased out in many areas of the world (ICEs). Dodge is a firm that almost solely produces high-performance cars, so it makes sense for them to construct the first electric muscle car. If Dodge persisted with internal combustion engines for extended periods, it would be at a disadvantage.


The Charger and Challenger, along with their Hellcat engines, will be phased out by 2024, according to Tim Kuniskis, CEO of Dodge. The new electric Dodge Charger is still only a concept, but it provides a view into the company's electrified future. Given how swiftly the industry is shifting to EVs, this futuristic, electric muscle car is guaranteed to be one of the most popular.

Does the Dodge Charger and Challenger End with a Bang?

With the conclusion of the Dodge Charger and Dodge Challenger in their current forms, the Dodge brand is taking advantage of the occasion to celebrate in a traditional, crazy Dodge manner. The Dodge agenda for 2023 will pay tribute to the legendary Charger and Challenger with seven distinct models, the reintroduction of a rainbow of historical colors, a commemorative "Last Call" underhood plaque, and a new, customer-focused vehicle order procedure.

According to comments made by Dodge CEO Tim Kuniskis, the Charger and Challenger brands and specifications may be utilized for future electrified cars, including an electric muscle car in 2024. He has already stated his support for electrification, whether it be achieved with all-electric or hybrid vehicles with less powerful engines.

When many automakers switched to smaller, more fuel-efficient engines, Dodge developed Hellcat variants and other high-performance vehicles. Such vehicles improved brand recognition but did nothing to lessen the ecological impact of the carmaker, forcing it to buy carbon credits from businesses like Tesla.

Given how popular the Hellcat engine is among consumers, it stands to reason that many Dodge and Jeep supporters would be disappointed that this engine choice won't continue. Even if it is anticipated that the Hellcat engine will become less common, you still have until 2024 to buy a new automobile with this desired engine configuration.

The Way to Boost Every Dodge, Hellcat's Best Friend.

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