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Aftermarket Car Parts 101

Car enthusiasts already know a thing or two about aftermarket auto parts and accessories. Aftermarket auto parts are third-party replacement parts. We will discuss aftermarket auto part functions, usability, branding and credibility. Aftermarket auto parts are crucial for vehicle maintenance and repair.

You may upgrade your automobile with aftermarket performance auto parts for maximum performance, acceleration, and fuel economy. Aftermarket vehicle parts suppliers compete fiercely, so you must research installation thoroughly. To avoid damaging your original car parts, some auto aftermarket accessories require professional installation. While aftermarket parts are cheaper than OEM parts, performance-oriented aftermarket parts require a lot of money and effort from auto shops that install them.

Learn About OEM vs. Aftermarket Auto Parts

Aftermarket vehicle parts, unlike OEM parts, are made by other firms (after the product hit the market). OEM components have brand warranty, equipment knowledge, and high automobile part compatibility. OEM components are pricey and only available at dealerships. Most shops sell aftermarket parts, which are cheaper than OEM. These parts may not have a brand warranty or be 100% compatible with the original car parts. 


However, if you buy from a trustworthy manufacturer, OEM and aftermarket vehicle components are equally high-quality. OEM parts cost more due to brand name. Thus, to use aftermarket auto parts, you must discard brand perception and learn their technology. High-performance aftermarket auto parts are affordable and accessible.

Also, check whether aftermarket auto parts match your original automobile parts. Make sure of it’s coherency with your original automobile parts. Finding reliable aftermarket auto components involves extensive investigation. The proper aftermarket item can make driving fun.

However, some don't think a rose needs a thorn. This is why many prefer OEM parts over aftermarket ones that promise higher performance. Let’s learn about OEM and aftermarket auto parts.

5 Hot Aftermarket Auto Parts

Today's fast-developing technology offers many aftermarket car and body parts. Online Chinese aftermarket auto body parts are common. The aftermarket sells body shells, hoods, bumpers, and crash guards. These car body parts do not improve car performance, acceleration, or fuel efficiency, they are merely for users and viewers eyes!

To upgrade your car, first things first is figuring out where to buy aftermarket auto parts. Ask uncle google for the components near you. If you find our research on aftermarket auto parts meaning beneficial, check out these five popular performance auto components:

Cold Air Intake Systems

Cold air intake systems offer fuel economy. The engine's air quality affects performance and gas mileage. High-flow cold air kits draw outside air into the engine. Cold air contains more oxygen molecules, improving engine power, operation, and fuel economy. You can burn fuel slower and improve engine efficiency. Due to air restriction, cold air intakes can create engine noise.

Brake Kits

Aftermarket brake kits enable incredible acceleration since performance brakes maximize driver-car engagement. These brakes provide constant, smooth braking. Heat fading makes performance brakes expensive to maintain.


Turbochargers compress engine cylinder air. Compressed air compacts oxygen molecules. It gives the power effect of more gasoline for the same normally aspirated engine. Turbochargers boost horsepower and acceleration. Its direct engine usage might harm engine parts and demand expensive maintenance.

Chip-Tuning ECU

ECU chip tuning alters engine software parameters to boost horsepower, speed, and MPG. It accelerates, performs, and saves gasoline. ECU chip tweaking directly and drastically alters engine operation, which could harm engine components.

Throttle Controller Upgrade: Pedal Commander

Pedal Commander improves your vehicle's electronic throttle system. It's unlike other hazardous aftermarket car parts. Pedal Commander has no effect on engine performance. Pedal Commander is cheaper and easier to install. Done and finished under 15 minutes. You can install and use it with an app on your phone without a mechanic. The Pedal Commander App lets you easily modify acceleration.


Pedal Commander's four selectable modes—Eco, City, Sport, and Sport+—improve acceleration, fuel economy, and ride quality. It feels like driving four automobiles when you acquire it. Pedal Commander's Eco and City modes save 20% on fuel and provide a smooth ride. Sport and Sport+ modes offer incredible acceleration.

  • Pedal Commander aggressively unleashes your car's beast. Practical features save time and money. Pedal Commander optimizes performance, acceleration, and fuel economy.