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8 Aftermarket Myths Busted

You probably already know how important vehicles are to our daily lives. Nearly all automobile lovers consider their vehicles to be more than simply transportation. This is why, whether or not their automobiles are new, people always want to have a terrific driving experience. On the other hand, some individuals connect the newest model automobile with flawless performance and acceleration. They are unaware of what auto fans know, which is the cause.

If you are aware of aftermarket components, you can maximize the performance of your car. Let's discuss what aftermarket components are. They may be thought of as replacement parts made by independent automakers. Therefore, you may modify your automobile with a high-quality and dependable car modification when the general ride quality of your vehicle degrades over time.

Although the highly developed technology of today offers some extremely useful automobile modifications, there are also some harmful and worthless ones available. Due to the fact that many manufacturers are aware of this, they only highlight the benefits of their products. Due of this, there are many aftermarket parts fallacies about cars on the Internet. Therefore, if you buy a car mod without performing research on it, you might end up wasting a lot of money and time on potential issues.

Manufacturers are aware that misconceptions have the power to influence your purchasing behavior. Therefore, you should consider if Internet car myths are accurate. As you might have guessed, we'll examine three other misconceptions in addition to busting fallacies about cars in this post. As a result, this page will discuss myths concerning aftermarket components that have been proven to be true, plausible, and false.

Larger Wheels Provide the Best Car Performance, Myth Busted

The idea that larger wheels automatically result in optimal vehicle performance is among the most widely-repeated urban legends. The cause is because larger wheels often result in less driving force, or general acceleration. Consequently, your car's engine may struggle to turn larger wheels when you install them. The automobile engine has to work harder than usual since bigger wheels are heavier than standard ones. More gasoline is consumed as a result of this condition.

The general ride quality of your car will suffer as a result of larger wheels. Despite the fact that some manufacturers market them as the ideal vehicle modification component, this is a total lie. You can see that we disprove it. As a result, buying big wheels may result in difficult steering, bad handling, sluggish acceleration, and increased fuel consumption.

OEM Aftermarket Parts and Accessories Are Too Expensive, Confirmed

Even though some automakers attempt to portray the idea that "OEM aftermarket parts and accessories are excessively expensive" as a common misconception, customers overwhelmingly support this notion. The majority of OEM goods are pricey and typically available at some dealerships. This is so that they may simply be produced by the factory of the automobile manufacturer or by subcontractors.

OEM parts offer benefits including brand warranties, equipment know-how, and high levels of compatibility with the original auto components. Aftermarket parts are more reasonably priced and widely available than OEM components. On the other hand, there is little to no variation in quality between OEM and aftermarket components. So, now that the rumor about OEM components being expensive has been disproved, you may spend your money on an aftermarket component that costs less but serves the same purpose.

Possible: Smooth Acceleration is Guaranteed by Performance Brakes

One of the most well-known and believable fallacies is that performance brakes provide smooth acceleration and decent handling. The rationale is that they allow for the greatest level of interaction between the vehicle and the driver. With an efficient brake system, you can effortlessly slow down or speed up in a variety of driving situations. Additionally, it prevents you from braking too late or locking your wheels.

However, since they generate heat fade, performance brakes need heavy-duty and expensive repairs. Due to their increased stopping power, they can provide a safety danger in heavier vehicles like buses and commercial trucks. Because they are made for racing, another drawback of performance brakes is that they make more noise when driving normally. Therefore, these drawbacks outweigh the performance brakes' smooth acceleration and outstanding handling. Because of this, we classify it as a believable myth.

False: A Turbocharged Engine Uses Less Oil

The most major busted myth on the Internet is that turbocharged engines help you save more oil, which is a claim made by several manufacturers. The reality is the complete reverse of this assertion. The moving elements in a turbocharger revolve at extremely high speeds while being subjected to extreme heat and pressure. Because of this, they require a continuous supply of premium engine oil to lubricate the compression valve, intake fans, and output fans.

Your turbocharged engine will have certain troublesome issues, such as wear and significant harm to the original engine components, if you don't give enough oil. In addition, because they directly affect how the engine operates, turbochargers already have a dangerous installation and operation process. Thus, you should be aware of turbocharger misconceptions that have been disproved if you don't want to squander your money or time.

True: High-flow Air Filters Improve Gas Mileage

As you are aware, a lot of people consider high-flow air filters to be subpar aftermarket components. Because of this, they disregard the fallacy that "high-flow air filters enhance fuel economy." However, you should be aware that this is a total urban legend. Since high-flow air filters are made to let more air into the engine intake system, this is the cause. They thereby provide a superior combustion process, improving engine performance and fuel efficiency.

You might experience a smoother, quicker ride when a high-flow air filter cleans the air entering the engine intake of your car. By containing airborne foreign particles like dirt and dust, it also lessens engine turbulence. These filters protect the engine's internal components from excessive wear and breakdown because of this. The technique helps with fuel efficiency.

Possible: Race Suspension Offers Fast and Comfortable Ride Quality

As you are aware, the suspension system connects your car's wheels to its tires, air in the tires, springs, and shocks. Therefore, it is in charge of sustaining your car's body. You may expect more effective racing functionality with race suspension adjustment. It provides greater weight balancing management for your car as well as a consistent connection between the tires and the road.

The claim that "racing suspension delivers pleasant and rapid ride quality," however, may be classified as a credible myth. Due to its intricate installation, it may result in a possible clash with other auto components. Additionally, after purchasing racing suspension tuning, you can experience issues lifting and towing. This is because it needs routine upkeep and repair.

False: ECU Chip Tuning Ensures Flawless Performance

Another widespread misconception regarding aftermarket components is the idea that ECU chip tuning ensures flawless speed and performance. It is made for remapping the settings of the engine-running software. This procedure improves fuel efficiency, horsepower, and acceleration to some extent. ECU chip tuning, however, has a difficult installation procedure and dangerous engine operation. These typically result in substantial harm to your vehicle's original engine components.

The engine chip tuning may violate your car's warranty and insurance because of this. You should be informed of all dispelled fallacies regarding this automobile modification if you don't want to squander your time and money.

Throttle Response Controllers Deliver Effective Performance, it's Verified

Drive-by-wire or ETC systems are used in the design of modern vehicles. These cars purposefully lag behind owing to safety precautions and several other reasons. Your gas pedal's throttle latency will be eliminated with a throttle response controller. Although some rivals encourage you to think of throttle response controllers as standard auto modifications, all misconceptions that are good about them are supported by customers.

Because of this, all you have to do is keep reading if you want to get the most functional throttle response controller currently available.

Best Vehicle Performance, With Pedal Commander

Multiple-time SEMA award recipient, the most adaptable and reasonably priced throttle response controller available is called Pedal Commander. With its four changeable modes—ECO mode, City mode, Sport mode, and Sport+ mode—you can tune your acceleration. Thanks to its cutting-edge technology, Pedal Commander lets you experience driving four distinct vehicles simultaneously.

You may simply manage these settings with the Pedal Commander App, which has Bluetooth availability, from your smartphone. Additionally, installing and uninstalling Pedal Commander just takes 15 minutes. You don't need to see a mechanic to install or unplug it. Pedal Commander is a comprehensive solution in terms of pricing and performance. Therefore, all you have to do to have a great driving experience is purchase Pedal Commander.